Types Of Funeral Services

Funeral services help the bereaved loved ones to heal from their sorrow. While the purpose of these ceremonies is to honor the one who passed away, it is also to help the living that are left behind. It is a way to commemorate and honor the life of the loved one. It is a way the family members can memorialize, celebrate and pay tribute to the one they love and lost.

There are different kinds of funeral services:

Funeral-servicesThe direct burial, traditional burial, and graveside burial. The direct burial is also called the immediate burial. It is the minimum service in which the deceased is removed from the place where he died and burial arrangements are done without visitation and services.

The traditional and graveside burial services can be personalized. The traditional burial is the most common funeral service done. The bereaved loved ones have visitation which can last a few days, funeral service ceremonies in a chapel or church, and a committal service ceremony which is done at the cemetery.

The graveside service, on the other hand, is a small funeral service that is conducted at cemetery and not in a chapel or church. Unlike the traditional service, a visitation can be done the night before the burial service.

Well-planned funeral services will best celebrate your loved one who has moved on. You should not be misled by the word “traditional”. It doesn’t mean that you have to follow certain rules or religious customs. Keep in mind that you can tailor it to your preferences. Some faiths follow different traditions and rituals but you can personalize them according to your loved one’s personality. Some release butterflies or balloons in the air.

Some have the hearse drawn by horses instead of a car.Some people prepare and show a video montage to honor their loved ones. You can omit or add services that you like for your loved one and your family. Keep in mind that you are doing it to honor the one you have lost and not to please everybody else.

Visitation is also called wake or viewing –

It is a way to allow family and friends to see their lost loved one and say goodbye. Usually, in a visitation, photos and other prized possessions of the deceased are set up for display to commemorate his hobbies or accomplishments. It is done to honor the life that was lived. Visitors sign a memorial book so that the family can have a record of who attended and paid their respects.

The bereaved family sends thank you notes to those who shared their grief and stood by them in their loss. Others prepare memory cards in which friends and family members who visited can write down fond memories that they can share to those that were left behind. It helps ease their pain when they remember the fruitful life that their loved one had lived.

Some wakes or viewings have open caskets. The embalmed body is dressed in burial cloth and cosmetics are used to make them look presentable, so that their image will be a good last memory for those who will see them. Others opt for closed caskets and just place a photograph of the deceased on top of the casket.

Funeral servicesSome traditions have only one morning or night of visitation while others go as much as three days. Sometimes, the bereaved family waits for the other relatives to come and pay their respects in a visitation before they bury the deceased. The visitations usually end with a wake service wherein prayer is made.

Some providers of funeral services offer direct cremation. After death, the body of the deceased is cremated and consigned to an urn. There is no need for viewing but the option to hold committal services is possible. The urn which holds the remains can be buried, kept in a crypt, or brought home. Some chose to scatter the ashes on the favorite spot of the deceases like a beach.

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How to Make a Creative and Effective Marketing Strategy for Online Sellers?

Online shopping has been a hype since social media sites started to boom. Nowadays, we use social media to serve as our platforms for our small businesses. For example, we can find several online sellers in Instagram or Facebook who sell various things, such as clothes, shoes or even food. Since it is easy to create an account and start our own business, the real challenge lies on how can we attract target customers and encourage them to patronize our online shops despite having several competitors.

Online Marketing

To rise above among several online sellers, the best plan is to make a creative and effective marketing strategy. Even if we do not have a business degree or a marketing degree, we can still formulate a game plan, which can help our small business. Here are some tips to help us create an innovative and efficient marketing plan:

1. Know your target buyers.

It is important for us, as online sellers, to know to whom we shall sell our products. Are we aiming for young and trendy teenagers and young professionals? Are we aiming for the older generation a buyers? Is our product solely appropriate for women or men? Or is it amenable for all types of gender? Knowing our target buyers is the key to devise an effective marketing plan. From this, we can start to brainstorm or conceive our baby marketing plans in our heads.

2. Choose a theme, which is suitable for the product that you are selling.

As sellers, it is important for us to know our products through and through. We must know all the information about we are selling. Since we know these facts, it is easier for us to pick a theme, which is appropriate for our products. If we are selling clothes, there are several ideas that we can choose from. We can have a trendy, futuristic or a retro theme. The list is endless.

We can research on the internet to gather some ideas to help us pick our themes or we can also ask our families, friends or colleagues to help us brainstorm for ideas. For example, if I am selling jewelries, I will be picking a retro or sophisticated theme. Jewelries have the word “sophistication” attached to it. It would be fitting to have a theme, which matches the product that I am selling.

3. Standout by being unique.

onlinemarketingIt is not enough that we know our buyers and we have a fitting theme for our marketing strategy. We must also consider that to be the best in the industry, we have to be different from others. Having a unique and eye-catching marketing plan will bring more customers to our business. Of course, it is not enough to only have regular customers. We also need to attract the interests of other buyers who are browsing in the social media platform that we are using.

A way to pique their interests is to be a standout. The other businesses also have their own marketing strategies. It is not uncommon that most have similar plans. To stand out in the industry, we have to deviate ourselves from the usual, but not to the point of being different wherein we deviate from what the true core of our shops. A little flare or drama would be a great help in getting the attention of buyers.

4. Be “In” with what is trending.

It is important for us, as sellers, to also stay updated with what is currently “In” or trending. We can also use the trending posts or news as an advantage for our shops. For example, the #PRIDE2016 is a buzz all over the world. It is a day wherein LGBT show to the world that they are proud of who they are. We can use the event #PRIDE2016 to our advantage by having a marketing strategy to show that we also support that love is for everyone; hence, we can gain the attention of not only the LGBT community, but also the people who support and love this community.

It is essential for us to “strike while the iron is hot” or simple words, take advantage of what is presented to us. Of course, the trends vary as time passes by. We have to go with the flow so that we would not be drowned and be pushed to the sidelines. We have to remember that small businesses are increasing tremendously as time passes by. It is essential to always stay updated with what is in or what is not.

5. Do not be afraid of taking risks.

After brainstorming about our concepts and ideas, the most important part of having an effective marketing strategy is to be brave to implement it. Of course, we cannot eliminate the nervousness that we may feel, but it is important to remember that a good businessman is a great risk taker. Certainly, we have to weigh first if it is worth the risk or not, but do not be afraid. We should not be afraid to take risks, especially if there is a good chance or percentage that our plans will be successful.

These are just some tips that may help us in creating innovative and effective marketing strategies to help improve or boost our small online business in a competitive social media platform. Best of luck, entrepreneurs!